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The Enviromental Power Generator

The Environmental Power Generator is a hybrid alternative energy product that is designed to harvest energy from the wind and sun. It can generate 24 hours a day. Wind energy is converted by Savonius style vertical axis turbines and solar is collected using quality photovoltaic panels. Can be used on homes, business, yachts, highway reader boards, etc. This will supply a 48vdc lead acid battery bank. On grid and off. Windstream Technologies patented, built and are selling in Jamaica and the Bahamas. I hold US Patent on the Environmental Power Generator.

Combining Wind & Solar Energy

While wind turbines produce a lot more electricity during the colder parts of the year, due to greater levels of wind over the winter months, solar power plants generate more solar power in the summer, compensating for the lower wind power production at this time of the year.
1 hour of the suns energy can power the earth for a year
Homes in the U.S. powered entirely by solar energy
homes can be powered with just one wind turbine.
of the energy we use comes from renewable sources

Green Energy News

Green energy news and technologies. Read and learn how you can help the environment. The time for change has come.

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